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Camo Cap Stainless Steel

Camo Cap Stainless Steel

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The new Camo Cap Stainless Steel is the engine behind the Convector and contains the heat exchanger.

Features and updates

  • Camo Cap - Precision heater plate assembly. Our factory had to create a specialized custom piece of equipment for our screen placement requirements. The first heater plate in the cap housing is now set at 1mm distance off of the intake holes. After much testing, we found that this small space is pivotal in the optimal Camo cap performance. It makes the cap more forgiving to heating. The heater plates are now laser welded into place with 3x small "dot" markings on the outside of the cap. This will remove the possibility for plates to get dislodged and keep the cap from getting "stuck" on the chamber.

Stainless Steel construction.


Stainless Steel

How to use

The Camo Cap is compatible with the Convector camber. It is the convection heating engine.


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