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Inductor Lighter Head

Inductor Lighter Head

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This is our Flameless Induction Lighter Head, featuring our patent pending F-core technology. Unlike traditional induction heaters, F-core allows you to target a specific location to concentrate the induction energy. This intuitive experience allows for faster and more precise heat-ups no matter what device is being used.

*The head needs to be paired with our desktop induction power supply unit. Only purchase this unit if you already own the desktop power supply.

*Make sure to connect the cable to the Bamboo power supply and Inductor Lighter Head while the POWER IS TURNED OFF.

Improvements From Beta:

  • 4 times the thermal headroom, now can easily heat larger devices
  • 30% increase in induction efficiency 
  • 20% increase in power transfer to the target device
  • Improved button and LED thermal management


  • 45mm L x 30mm W x 90mm H ~(1.7in x 1.2in x 3.5in)

*PLEASE NOTE* - We are unable to offer refunds on Pre-orders. 


How to use

While the power supply is turned off. Connect one end of the cable into the Bamboo power supply box and the other end into the Lighter Head. Turn your power supply on. Place your device directly on the F-Core located on the top of the Lighter Head. Press the Lighter Head button and heat your device for your desired length of time.


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