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The Inductor is Camouflet's unique and incredibly powerful desktop induction heater for battery-free devices and accessories. Built around a tabletop power unit that incorporates a removable rolling tray, adjustment dial, and voltage meter display. A modular head is used to heat your device and attaches to the power unit with a cable. The Inductor head unit uses Camouflet's patent-pending F-Core technology, allowing induction heating without placing the device inside a coil. We call this the Flame-less Lighter Head. 

The Inductor has a wide adjustable power range allowing for heat-up times ranging from less than 1 second to 15 seconds depending on the device being heated. The unit ships with our Flame-less Lighter Head and we plan to produce a variety of other head configurations, ideal for heating in different situations. These heads are all compatible with the tabletop power unit. Check out the Inductor heat-up videos in the image section and on the Camouflet youtube channel!

The Inductor is Made in the USA and designed to be the perfect pairing to the Convector. 

*Connect the cable to the Bamboo power supply and Inductor Lighter Head while the power switch is off.

Improvements From Beta

  • 4 times the thermal headroom, now can easily heat larger devices
  • 30% increase in induction efficiency 
  • 20% increase in power transfer to the target device
  • Improved button and LED thermal management
  • Lighter and more flexible power cable for easier handling 


  • 10 Amp at up to 28 Volts, DC Power Supply with Bamboo Housing
  • High Energy Transfer Efficiency
  • 5ft Cord Length
  • Small Handheld Footprint
  • Wide Adjustable Power Range (20v to 28v)
  • Modular Heating Heads
  • Removable Magnetic Bamboo Accessories Tray


  • Bamboo Power Supply Box: 265mm L x 130mm W X 60mm H ~(10.4in x 5.1in x 2.3in)
  • Lighter Head: 45mm L x 30mm W x 90mm H ~(1.7in x 1.2in x 3.5in)

Inductor Kit Includes:

  • 1x Flameless Lighter Head with F-Core Technology
  • 1x Bamboo Power Supply Box with Accessories Tray
  • 1x Standard US three-prong Power Cord
  • 1x 5ft Braided Wire Cable

Please Note - International Power Compatibility - The Inductor Kit will come with a standard 110V power cord, so international customers will require a compatible adapter or 240V power cord in order to plug it into the wall.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Due to a high volume of orders, Inductor will be shipping mid May 2024. 


High-Temperature Carbon Filled Plastic
Contains Printed Circuit Boards
Braided Wire Cable

How to use

Connect one end of the Inductor Cable to the Bamboo power supply and connect the other end of the cable to the Inductor Lighter Head while the POWER IS TURNED OFF. Plugin your Inductor and turn the power button on. Set your desired power setting via the power knob. Place your Convector directly on the F-Core and then press & hold the fire button to heat your device.


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